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Data Collection

Public agencies and NSI's, regularly conduct surveys to produce statistics required to monitor economic and social developments. The collection of reliable and comparable - within EU - statistics via surveys is often a complex issue for NSI's and Eurostat because the application of predefined tools (eg: questionnaire, terms, sample design) is not really applicable to every country (eg: due to variations in the institutional, economical, social, cultural enviroment). In addition, the data collection itself is a dynamic process involving continuous adjustments for the reduction of sampling errors and the maintenance of quality in the responses.

Those who want to deal with the use of official statistics surveys do not only need knowledge of statistical techniques but also familiarity with the regulative framework, harmonization issues and data and metadata quality standards at a European level.

QUANTOS is experienced in every aspect of data collections for the production of official statistics as well as in the evaluation of specific surveys concepts (eg: LFS). Having conduct surveys or/and methodological studies relevant to data collection concepts on behalf of public agencies, QUANTOS has an overall view on the methodological challenges that most official surveys face with.

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