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Data Confidentiality

National Statistical Institutes (NSI's) and EU organizations face with the challenging issue of "confidentiality protection" regarding the micro-data they publish. The term refers to "protection of statistical unit" when accessing individual micro-data which must be strictly confidential and used exclusively for research and analysis purposes. However, a simple "anonymization" of the data sets is not sufficient for managing statistical confidentiality.

To achieve a golden mean, between the confidentiality protection of the statistical micro-data and freedom of accessing to the user, a combination of methodological and technical tools has been developed to achieve a high level of data protection and data availability. Methodological tools refer to the statistical processing using statistical disclosure control techniques. Along with methodological tools, technical tools such as T-ARGUS has developed to implement and supports the methodology for confidentiality protection.

QUANTOS applies statistical disclosure control methods and techniques for tabulated or row micro-data. Our experience is not eliminated in applications, but we also provide training seminars to users/NSI's professionals for the application of disclosure control methods throught the use of advanced tools (T-ARGUS).

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