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Data Analysis

QUANTOS specializes in the application of the proper statistical techniques for the advanced analysis of all kinds of data. Except from descriptive statistics, some indicative techniques are:

  • Factor analysis on customer survey data for the extraction of information showing the underlying composite customer attitudes or stances.
  • Cluster analysis for the grouping of data based on similarities in certain characteristics.
  • Generalized Linear Modelling (GLM) for the measurement of the effects on  a general "response" variable (for example, logistic regression for yes/no responses).
  • Multiple Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) for the modelling of the effects on more than one dependent variable.
  • Non-parametric procedures which are used for example with small sample sizes. Typical examples are in the analysis of medical data, for example the exact logistic regression for medical trials.
  • Time series analysis techniques.
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