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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of any business. The best way to learn whether customers are satisfied is to ask them. QUANTOS designs customer satisfaction surveys in every business field. We reply to all challenges relevant to Customer Satisfaction such as:

  • How you ask?
  • When should you ask?
  • What should you ask?
  • When should you ask again?
  • What should you change to improve customers perceptions?

The applied methodoly refers to randomized sampling design, to the size and synthesis of the sample, as well as stratification aspects according to specific characteristics of the total population that may cause differentiations in perceptions. All these are investigated by individual case in order to extract a representative sample.

The analysis includes descriptive presentation of the results with exploration of relationships (e.g.: correlation tests) between variable categories, factor analysis for the extraction of information showing the underlying composite customer attitudes and cluster analysis for the grouping of data based on similarities in certain characteristics.

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