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Methodological Research

Having innovation as development vehicle, our research has strong scientific outputs. Our focus is on pure statistical methodological issues such as the following:

  • Measurement of non-measurable populations (eg. Unrecorded populations i.e. illegal immigrants)
  • Conceptual evaluation of official statistic surveys (eg. LFS concepts)
  • Statistical and Management Training networks

Through research the stock methodological knowledge consists on advance and innovative techniques. In that way, we can achieve our vision of being always one step ahead of the conventional market methods.


In addition, we develop a unique methodology for any project we acquire in order to maximize project achievements. Our expertise in qualitative methods in collection, processing and analysis of data, allow us to synthesize the most relevant methods and produce high quality outputs. Some of the methods we use, include survey methods (face to face, telephone, mail/postal, On-line surveys) and Analysis Techniques, (descriptive Statistics (distributions, correlations, hypothesis testing etc), inferential Statistics (regressions, cluster and factor analysis etc)).

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