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EU Funded Programs

Study of statistical properties of non-measurable populations (OSCE '97): Quite often research confronts cases where the population frame cannot be identified adequately (e.g. fraud, tax evasion etc). The objective of the study was to explore the statistical properties of the ordinary estimators and examine alternative approaches.

Presentation and analysis of non-numerical data (SupCom '99): This project dealt with the evaluation of the potentials of textual analysis in the field of Official Statistics and the analysis of textual techniques. Further orientations have been the application of textual analysis techniques in EUROSTAT's environment.

Network for Computer Assisted Training Systems (CATS, in SupCom '98): CATS was related to the evaluation of the currently available products for e-learning in statistics. The objective of the study was to explore and record the characteristics of vocational training using advanced technological tools and the possible requirements of such an application in official statistics. The final milestone was a proposal for developing a relevant system in European level.

Collection and grouping of statistical data on small craft enterprises (tender 99/S158-115112) :The principal aim of this project was to provide an outline for one or more courses for a methodological and operative identification of a comparative statistical system of craft trade enterprises, without overlooking the transverse nature of different economic activities. The basic principle of this project was to assess the possibility of finding a connection between the statistical sources in the involved countries. This operation is based on a theoretical set-up that studies the possibility of using the common elements found in the database of enterprises.

Assessment of R&D indicators in Europe: The assessment of R&D characteristics (economic, human resources etc.) has been identified as an issue of major importance. The aim of the project was to provide methods and principles for the systematic and effective collection of data for the development of accurate and conceptually correct indicators.

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